Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Severe Weather Outbreak Forecasted for Tuesday

The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted a Moderate Risk for severe weather for areas from Nebraska to southern Oklahoma on Tuesday. In that area, a tornado outbreak is possible with a few strong tornadoes and large hail. Eastern Kansas is bearing the brunt of the system, and cities like Witchita are preparing now for potential storms/tornadoes as well as cities like Tulsa and Oklahoma City further to the south. But before those storms developed, a line of storms pushed its way across Missouri. This line became severe just northwest of Kansas City, MO, capable of producing 60 mph winds and large hail. It was severe warned across its entire path through KC and Jefferson City, and is now knocking on St. Louis's western edges. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been issued for portions of western and south central Illinois including Springfield, Taylorville, and Effingham as the storms push toward those areas. Numerous cells have also developed across east central Illinois, but those are expected to become severe. If they do reach severe limits, they shouldn't have enough energy to maintain that strength for long. While storms are popping in Illinois, the most severe storms look to impact portions of the Great Plains this evening and then move into areas overnight that have already dealt with severe storms. Spring storms have finally arrived!

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